My name is Henk Slager and my big passion is traveling and travel photography. I take pictures of everything that has to do with traveling. I enjoy doing this and that is why I made this website.

To use this website you can go to 1 of the continents(On the top of the page). On that page there is a map with a big green button. Click it to open the interactive map. On the map you can explore every country(Red Countries are not finished yet, but the Green Countries have some content).

With all the pictures I make, I create audiovisual series. In these series the pictures fade over with the music, which gives a beautiful effect. I do this, because I think that “Pictures and Music say more than a thousand words!”

To get high-quality series I use the following software:

  • Wings 7, for making the series
  • Adobe Lightroom to categorize and edit my pictures
  • Adobe Photoshop is essential for modifying the pictures

I use NIKON Cameras for taking the pictures and the file format used is RAW for the best quality.

You can watch my series on the following sites:

Greetings,  Henk Slager